How do I know what size will fit my child?
 We encourage taking measurements of your child and asking to see the size chart for the item you would like to order. We can create a custom listing for you if you need personalized sizing. 
What is Grow With Me Clothing?
If an item of clothing is labelled as ‘grow with me’ then it has been made with child’s growth in mind. These items will be given a generous size range so as to be worn for many seasons, even years. They feature cuffs that can be folded and unfolded depending on each individual child’s size.
I’m not seeing what I am looking for on the site. What should I do? 
Please send us an email at info@heartandkinder.ca and we will promptly answer your question as best as we can.
Can I purchase your items in a store?
We are an online shop only.

Can you make things that are not listed on the website?

At this time I am not going to be taking orders for items that are not listed on the website.  


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